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I design projects with both aesthetics and user-friendliness in mind. I love renewing, learning and exploring so that new possibilities can emerge. A creative process is for me an experience of wonder, imbued with a contagious joy of living. Those who purchase my products enjoy their durability, timeless style, practicality and always, that special touch.

genevieve vigneault-chalumeauGlassd2

Like glimpses of magic for the eye, art made of glass is intriguing and inspiring. It expresses life in so many ways! Clear, warm, colorful, hollow, fragile, cold, smooth, matt, thin, full, polished, etc. We just love it! The casting, shaping and blowing of glass comes from its fluidity, which naturally guides me in the creation of beautiful shapes. I get so inspired as I work with glass and make it come alive.

Creating unique pieces and celebrating the inherent beauty, richness and strength of glass is at the heart of my art. Lights and shadings create fascinating and ever-changing effects on the shapes, textures and transparency of the glass. Audacity in combining simple shapes with complex details is one of the features of my glasswork.

portrait-genevieve-vigneault-cropGraphic d2

I have been developing expertise in graphic design over the years, and have been collaborating with many inspiring people in the field. You can view some of the projects I have designed at Gestimark.com. Gestimark is an enterprise specializing in building dynamic websites and producing multimedia projects with videos and music. Style-conscious and well informed of every component of the projects I work on, I always enjoy helping clients achieve their goals.