The artist works her materials to create unique beads born from the fusion of glass and steel. Discover delightful individual or limited edition pieces that are light and easy to wear.




With their timeless and classic shapes, these totally hand-made and unique earrings bring a dash of color to suit any style. Select from a wide range of colors.

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The Leaves Collection

Like a warm gentle summer breeze, this Sylvester-inspired necklace will bring a delicate touch of color and movement to the neck of the beautiful one wearing it.

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Geo Collection

Inspired by nature's forms, the pieces of this collection are simple and colorful. A discerning eye will delight in the delicate patterns of bubbles, immortalized in the glass beads. Ideal to accompany a blouse, the centre-piece of the necklace is accentuated, the steel ring remaining discrete.

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bague pois

Peas Collection

Like a memory from a bountiful garden, these rings and necklaces are designed with a large glass bead surrounded by three other beads of smaller sizes.

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